Call Center CRM


Designed with the individual in mind, Otscom offers the most innovative and intuitive user experience on the market . With Otscom’s modern and immersive interface, every customer-facing employee can effectively engage with customers every time thanks to a consistent experience regardless of your access point or device. Embedded collaboration tools help break down departmental silos and increase engagement and service levels. And best of all, Otscom provides contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources—all within a single dashboard—to drive more actionable insights for every user.

Otscom has developed a robust CRM software that enables you to get a complete view of your business with a few mouse clicks.

Key Features:
  • Multi-Level Reseller Management
  • Separate Interfaces for Admin, Reseller, Finance Manager and Support Agents
  • Manage your Products and assign them to the Resellers
  • Multiple options for uploading your sales
  • Discounts/Commissions for Resellers/Agents calculated on the fly
  • Customizable Reports
  • Robust Support Module