About OfficeSwitch

OfficeSwitch is a cost-effective application suite conceived to improve the overall productivity of the contact center. Since OfficeSwitch was engineered to integrate easily with enterprise front office and back-office systems, OfficeSwitch delivers significant cost benefits, revenue benefits and intangible benefits with limited upfront investment. OfficeSwitch not only allows users to achieve a return on investment in a limited time frame but also provides a successful solution to their customer interaction and organizational efficiency strategies.

OfficeSwitch Advantages

The main advantage of hosted call center solutions is that it's very easy to get started. With a hosted service, you can get access to enterprise-level features even if you have only a handful of agents.

Product Features

A full blended Customer Interaction Management offering including, from a very strong telephony solution (our original focus), a unique interaction control language and development environment, a strong outbound & predictive dialing solution, e-mail servicing, web collaboration and chat, all on top of a consolidated view of the customer and supporting a massive campaign & responses environment. Customer interactions are routed using the same business rules, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer. We offer a modular but tightly integrated solution, where all modules were designed from inception to work together but can also be deployed as stand-alone.

We provide both thin and rich client architectures. OfficeSwitch uCI unique selling propositions are:
  • Industry Only Interaction Language and Integrated Development environment
  • Rapid Application Deployment of easily customer tailored CIM applications
  • Broadest independent coverage of platforms, with 20 PBXs, 5 RDBMS, 3 OS
  • Fastest re-tooling of contact center campaigns makes it the Outsource #1 tool
  • Proven Dynamic ROI program with fast returns