TIMS allows you to easily manage insurance and insurance changes for your drivers, tractors and trailers.*

*You can keep track of your drivers, tractors and trailers too!

Automatic Notifications

TIMS allows you to automatically notify your insurance company, agent, underwriter, loss payee and issuing company of insurance changes the second they happen - and lets you know they've acknowledged the change.

Company Management

TIMS keeps track of your insurance, drivers, tractors and trailers along with the detailed history of changes. Easily generate individual or company-wide insurance coverage and change history reports with one click.

Easy Access Anywhere

TIMS features an easy-to-use web interface, allowing you to view and manage your drivers, tractors and trailers from anywhere with an internet connection - including mobile devices! Your drivers can easily access insurance certificates on the road right from their mobile devices.

Manage Your Business

The TIMS dashboard provides a quick look at your recent driver and equipment changes:

Track Your Changes

TIMS emails change notifications to your insurers, agents and loss payees providing you with accountability and peace of mind.

Escape Spreadsheets

TIMS has an easy-to-use web interface that allows you to manage your insurance products, drivers, tractors and trailers.

Create Reports

Easily generate individual driver, tractor and trailer reports - or generate change reports for your entire organization.