Software Development Services

Following are our areas of expertise

  • Database programming & development

  • Web based development

  • E-Business applications

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response Systems)

  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

  • Visual Basic, Unix, C++


We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will correct any work that fails to meet the client’s documented specifications. We are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality services available and advise clients of any quality issues that mayarise from services requested by the client. We develop quality assurance routines that expressly meet the needs of the client.

Agressive Pricing

We offer unbeatable value through the use of major international resources. Otscom operates a very low overhead operation that provides an excellent rate of return on your conversion project. Our detailed conversion and quality processes leverage the cost advantages of other economies and utilize our small management Team


We have many technology partners that bring the latest in conversion techniques. From automated conversion routines to specialized software development, we can provide the fastest, most cost-effective and most up to date services to our clients.

Software Development Services

Otscom and our international partners have already completed the software development of some 100 software programs for our customers worldwide. Our programming and development expertise includes most software development languages, including web-based development in flash technology and Oracle based database development.