Transcription Services

Otscom offers top-notch transcription services tailored to diverse client needs. With a team of skilled transcriptionists versed in various domains, we ensure accuracy and efficiency using cutting-edge technology.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident through open communication, flexibility, and personalized service, including formatting preferences and strict confidentiality measures. We prioritize timely delivery without compromising quality, allowing clients to focus on their core objectives while we transform audio and video content into accurate text documentation.

General Transcription Services

General transcription services cater to a broad spectrum of industries and purposes, ranging from business meetings and interviews to academic lectures and focus group discussions.

These services involve converting spoken audio or video content into text format, maintaining accuracy while capturing the essence of the dialogue. General transcriptionists are proficient in various accents and dialects, ensuring clarity and coherence in the transcribed material.

Legal Transcription Services

We at Otscom specialize in converting legal audio recordings, such as court proceedings, depositions, and legal dictations, into written documents.

Accuracy, confidentiality, and adherence to legal terminology and formatting are paramount in this domain. Legal transcriptionists possess a thorough understanding of legal terminology and procedures, ensuring precise transcriptions that meet the rigorous standards of the legal profession.

Medical Transcription Services

Our Medical transcription services focuses on transcribing healthcare-related audio recordings, including patient consultations, medical reports, and dictations by healthcare professionals. Accuracy, attention to detail, and compliance with medical terminology and privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, are essential in this specialized field.

Medical transcriptionists are trained to accurately transcribe complex medical terminology and maintain patient confidentiality while delivering timely and error-free transcriptions.